August 6-16, 2013, Beijing, China

The International Neutrino Summer School (INSS 2013), co-hosted by the Institute of High Energy Physics and Fermilab, will take place at Beijing Shunxin Green Resort in the suburb of Beijing from August 6 to August 16, 2013.

The goal of this school is to train the next generation of neutrino physicists, and its curriculum covers many topics such as an introduction to the standard model, neutrino oscillation phenomenology, accelerator and reactor neutrinos, neutrino cross sections, neutrino mass models, and neutrinos in cosmology. The target audience consists of graduate students and young researchers in both theory and experiment. We aim to cover the full breadth of neutrino physics over all energy scales. The school will include formal lectures, informal tutorial sessions and opportunities for students to present their own work.

The main topics and lectures of the school are

Introduction to the Standard Model
Xiangdong Ji (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Neutrino oscillation framework
Boris Kayser (FNAL)
Mass models (incl. 0nubb and sterile nus) and leptogenesis
Silvia Pascoli (IPPP of Durham University)
Neutrino cosmology and astrophysics
Jenni Adams (University of Canterbury)
Majorana/Dirac neutrinos and absolute mass measurements
Liang Yang (University of Illinois)
Fundamentals of neutrino cross sections
Kevin McFarland (university of Rochester)
Physics of Neutrino Detection
Federico Sanchez (IFAE, Barcelona)
Accelerator Neutrino sources (accel. physics, superbeams, nufacts, betabeams)
Paul Soler (University of Glasgow)
Solar, atmospheric and Reactor Neutrino Sources
Takaaki Kajita (University of Tokyo)
Concluding lecture: current snapshot of the field
David Wark (Imperial College London)



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